1:1 Duplication

Starting with version 2.50 of KryoFlux's disk tool console (DTC) a preview of our revolutionary RepliFlux technology is featured.

Since data on floppy disks is digital data stored on a basically analogue carrier, creating 1:1 perfect clones for preservation and archival is not a trivial task. Unlike controlled clones (using a preservation container that has been verified for authenticity and integrity as the result of an analysis based on a well-known format), KryoFlux's RepliFlux will create a clone based on entropy analysis. A raw flux read from a stream file image is analysed on the fly and then sent to the field-proven encoding pipeline. Since KryoFlux does not know about the nature of the data, the goal is a 1:1 reproduction of data read from the disk.

A major challenge in the replication process is that the data can be read from the disk differently than it was written. This usually leads to broken clones, as usually observed with other, inferior duplication solutions. RepliFlux automatically ensures that the disk is written so the data will come off the disk as it is intended to be read. Pre-compensation of data and flux shaping assist the process to make sure your clones are as good as the original.