KryoFlux® Host Software

The accompanying software is free for private and personal use only. Commercial or other non-private and non-personal use (e.g. at a library, archive or museum) requires a licence, please contact us for a quote.

Windows (8.1 through 11) (v3.50, 2024-05-05), 32bit x86 & 64bit x64, includes flux path resolver.
macOS (10.15 (Catalina) through 14.4 (Sonoma)) (v3.50, 2024-05-05), Intel & Apple Silicon (Rosetta needed for GUI).
Linux (v3.50, 2024-05-05), Intel x86_64 and arm64 (aarch64), .deb or .rpm based distribution. For manual install a tar.gz is also included. Dependencies are: libusb-1.0-0, glibc >=2.29, libfmt9.

Older releases (for compatibility reasons)

Windows (7 through 11) (v3.00, 2018-05-13), 32bit x86 & 64bit x64, includes GUI, now supports hard sectored disks!
macOS (10.9 through 13 (Ventura)) (v3.00, 2021-06-23), Intel & Apple Silicon, includes GUI
Linux (v3.00, 2022-03-07), includes GUI
AmigaOS 4 (v2.61, 2014-07-21), for next-gen Amiga users, now writes STREAM files, no GUI. WildeWutz (v0.7, 2014-10-03), Writing GUI for Windows (community contribution), now also writes STREAM files!

KryoFlux® Manuals / Documentation

KryoFlux Quickstart Manual* (rev 1.21), PDF format
KryoFlux Quickstart Manual (French) (rev 0.8), PDF format, translated by Denis Lechevalier
KryoFlux Quickstart Manual (Japanese) (rev 1.0), PDF format, translated by Tomohito Isoya
KryoFlux Manual* (rev 1.31, 2024-05-03), PDF format
DTC 2.50 addendum for writing* (rev 1, 2014-10-10), PDF format
KryoFlux modified 5.25" floppy disk drive (rev 0.24, 2024-05-03), PDF format
Stream Protocol Documentation* (rev 1.1, 2013-12-01), PDF format, written by Jean Louis-Guérin
IPF Documentation (Version 1.6, 2018-04), PDF format, written by Jean Louis-Guérin
KryoFlux Features, high resolution PNG image

* also included in host software package

KryoFlux® FREE

A software based imaging solution for MFM encoded 3.5" DD disks for the Amiga, no additional hardware required. Get it, it's free!

AmigaOS (v3.7, 68020+ processor and 2MB of RAM required), imaging only, no writing

SPS Decoder Library

Windows binary (v5.1), to load IPF and CT Raw files in the emulator of your choice
Source code (v5.1), for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux builds


Try VICE 2.4a SPS with enhanced G64 support to make use of your newly created G64 files. This version is sub-cycle exact and should work with all protections. It contains all our previous enhancements from VICE 2.3.20, some of which were left out of the 2.4a codebase for no apparent reason. This is the real deal that will play all true G64 files. If you want to compile it yourself, get the files that have been modified and apply them to the original 2.4a source download.

Windows (2.4a SPS), enhanced G64 support, sub-cycle exact
Source code (2.4a SPS), files that have been modified only, same as for 2.3.20

G64 Images

G64 images suitable for usage in VICE 2.4a SPS. Permission to offer these here has been given by their respective copyright holders.
You are entitled to use the enclosed software free for private, non-commercial purposes only. It may not be re-distributed.

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Bounty Bob Strikes Back (c) 1984-2012 William B. Hogue